24. května -
1. června 2019

ubytování v Praze

Mosaic House

Mosaic house is generously supporting the Fringe by accommodating 19 of our volunteer Festival Assistants for the duration of the festival and hosting various Fringe events. 

Tel: +420 221 595 350
Email: info@remove-this.mosaichouse.com
Address: Odborů 4, 120 00 Praha 2 

FRINGE DISCOUNT: 20% off best available rate all year round with code: FRINGE

From hostel-style dorms, to private rooms, to fully-furnished apartments - Mosaic House offers a full range of unpretentious, comfortable and affordable accommodation with the quality and style of a design hotel. Located in the centre of Prague's New Town district, a couple of blocks from the river and a short walk or tram ride from the Fringe zone. 

MOOo Apartments

Tel: +420 277 016 830
Email: castle@remove-this.mooo-apartments.com / downtown@remove-this.mooo-apartments.com
Address: Jánský vršek 312/8, 118 00 Praha 1-Malá Strana / Myslíkova 263/22, 120 00 Praha 2-Nové Město

FRINGE DISCOUNT: 20% off best available rate all year round with code: FRINGE

Mosaic House's sister company offering unique, beautifully renovated, luxury apartments in two different locations in the centre of Prague. MOOo Downtown is next door to Mosaic House, close to Karlovo Namesti, and MOOo by the Castle is, as the name suggests, nestled at the base of Prague Castle in the Fringe zone. 

Old Crooked Beams

Old Crooked Beams are generously supporting the festival by providing accommodation for a member of the management team. 

Tel +420 604 212 613
Email: mark@remove-this.oldcrookedbeams.com
Location: St. Nicholas Church, Malostranské náměstí, Prague 1, Malá Strana, Czech Republic

Situated amongst baroque buildings evoking memories of times gone by. Thick medieval walls and unique crooked beams transport you into old Prague. Classic architecture is balanced with modern conveniences to provide the perfect escape.

An incredibly comfortable bed is ready for you to fully rest and recharge. A separate kitchen is equipped with a double hob, kettle, and fridge-freezer. There is a modern shower and all linen provided. A selection of books, by Czech authors, are provided to help you while away the time and capture the evocative bohemian spirit that pervades this magical city.

Sister locations also available, ask for more information. 

Divadlo, komedie a zábava v srdci Prahy!