24th May -
1st June 2019

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The information below is provided as a reference only. 

How to apply: 

Carefully read the sections below and the individual venue packs (basic summaries available online or more detailed versions as downloadable PDFs) to work out whether participation in Prague Fringe is right for your show, and if the process is something you and your company will be able to commit to in 2020.

When you have read all the information, please submit your application form via the link in the section 'Online Application Form' below. 

Key dates in the application process

3rd September 2018: Closing date for submissions 

By 15th November 2018 at the latest:  Result notifications sent to all applicants. 

16th November 2018: Contracts issued to successful applicants. 

30th November 2018: Deadline for signed contracts, payment of participation fee and submission of programme copy/image.  

NB: If you apply within the application window, but haven’t heard from us by the 15th November, please contact us at office@remove-this.fringe.cz in case your application has been missed or lost due to a technical fault.

How the festival works: Applications, finances & practicalities


We accept applications for English-language and non-verbal performances of all genres/styles but over the years we have gained an understanding of what shows are well-received by our audiences and what fits best within our particular framework: 

1)     Shows with a running time of 1 hour. We are occasionally able to accept shows with 30 or 90-minute duration but the standard slot allocation is 60 minutes (or just under).

2)    Theatre (including physical theatre), comedy, improvisation and storytelling are the genres that our audiences tend to be most attracted to and that work best in our venues.

3)    Children’s Theatre. There is a high demand for English/non-verbal shows for young people, especially those with low-tech requirements/flexible staging.

4)    Not bands. Unfortunately the majority of our venues aren’t suited to complicated live amplification of multiple instruments. Acoustic (or very low-tech) bands and singer-songwriters do work well however, and have been popular in previous years. 


Now in its 18th year, Prague Fringe Festival is the longest-running festival of English-language theatre and performance in continental Europe. It takes place annually in May in the centre of the historical Malá Strana (Little Quarter) district of Prague between the famous landmarks of the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

Over the nine-day period spanning late May and early June, we programme approximately 50 productions in 7-9 venues.
In-keeping with the standard Fringe format, each venue runs several hour-long performances each day with 30 minutes between each show to clear the audience, reset and seat a new audience. Although this seems a very short length of time, experience over 17 years has shown that even quite technically demanding shows are able to fit this time schedule.

As we hope audience members will see several shows each night we programme the performances so you can see a show, have a beer, then go back for another show. 


We use a variety of venues ranging from fully equipped black box theatres, to underground cellars with domestic spotlights. All the venues are within easy walking distance of each other.  The more you let us know about your show in the application form, the better we can help you find the right space. If you have absolute requirements it is important that you let us know so we can put you in an appropriate space.

Several companies perform in each venue daily, so facilities have to be shared; this means we sometimes alter the venues from their usual layout. Storage of sets, props and costumes can be an issue, so it is important that you tell us when prompted in the application form if you have large items.

Full technical and production specifics of all the venues can be found in the detailed Venue Information Packs.


How it works:

Application Process - upon consideration of your application, festival directors will contact you by the 15th of November (at the latest) to let you know whether or not your application has been successful.

Our decisions are made on a number of grounds including but not exclusively:

- Distribution of countries represented

- Range of performance types (theatre, text based, comedy etc.)

- Fit of shows to venues

- Quality and detail of application

- Technical practicality of the show within our venues and/or the operating structures of the festival

- Limited choice of date/venues for us to work with in application

- Balance of returning companies/shows to first time participants/show premieres


Successful Applicants – If you are selected to perform at the festival you will be required to enter into a contract with Prague Fringe detailing dates, venue ticket prices etc. 

Your company will be charged a participation fee, the amount due is determined by the choice of venue and the number of performances you have requested (full breakdown of costs below).
Please note that these costs are per 60-minute performance slot used (i.e. 9 slots in our largest space: 9 x 2,600 CZK = 23,400 CZK).

This fee must be paid before the 30th of November, along with a signed contract and photo and text for the brochure in order to guarantee your inclusion in Fringe 2019.
(You will receive details on exactly how to pay and submit these items if your application is accepted.)

The participation fee is our all-in festival attendance fee.  There is no registration fee. There is no theatre rental fee. There is no programme entry fee. 

NB: Show performance times will be confirmed closer to the time, in early 2019. 

ummary of Venues:

Please see the detailed Venue Packs for more specific information.

The participation fee is our all-in festival attendance fee.  There is no registration fee. There is no theatre rental fee. There is no programme entry fee. 

The participation fee covers your company's:

* Venue costs (venue hire etc.)
Initial get-in/rehearsal time - varies depending on venue
* Technical assistance (Excluding Type B venues.) Extra fee applies for operating shows, see ‘How it Works – Technical and Production’ for more information
Basic general cover lighting and sound rig (where applicable)
Festival Programme – the show will be included in the Fringe programme in print and online
Generic Marketing – see the ARTIST TOOLBOX section of the website for more information
Generic Administration 



CAPACITY (seated)


PARTICIPATION FEE per performance

(with approx EUR conversion)


Type A Venues:

Malostranská beseda – Main Stage


Cabaret seating, raised prosc. arch stage, entrances at the back of the stage. Fringe hub and club also located here.

2,800 CZK (109 EUR)

A Studio Rubín


Raked seating, end-on to audience, flexible seating, 2 entrances at back of stage.

2,400 CZK (94 EUR)

Divadlo Kampa


Raked seating, end-on to audience, several entrance options through blacks, wing space.

2,400 CZK (94 EUR)

Divadlo Inspirace


Raked seating, end-on to audience, multiple entrances through blacks, wing space. Renovated in 2016.

2,400 CZK (92 EUR)

Museum of Alchemists


Unique space with small raised stage and seating on benches and stools. One stage entrance. Limited lighting and sound equipment.

 1,600 CZK (62 EUR)


Type B Venues:


Café Club Míšeňská



Atmospheric cellar bar and performance area. Little or no tech provision.


1,300 CZK (51 EUR)



Malostranská beseda -

Inner Foyer


Completely empty room suitable for non-traditional/site specific performances. No technical equipment or technician is available.

1,200 CZK (47 EUR)

Golden Key


Intimate and atmospheric cellar space. Very limited lighting and sound. No technician available.

1000 CZK (39 EUR)


NB: this table should be treated as a rough guide as not all the venues have been confirmed and fees may change slightly depending on final hire rates etc. Prague Fringe will liaise with you regarding the appropriate venue on consideration of the requirements of your production.

Please note that the lower cost of Type B Venues reflects not only the lower seating capacity but also fact that they have very basic, or no technical facilities.

Time Slots - are 90 minutes each. Broken down into 60min show time and 20min get-in and 10min get-out. Your performance times will be confirmed in early 2019. 

Door split - Companies take a 60% cut of the door sales, minus any central box office handling fees (8% on pre-sales, 5% on door sales) and 15% VAT, as well as any additional optional expenses (such as lighting operator), which will be transferred into your account before the end of June once all ticket sales are accounted for.

Ticket Prices – In 2018, ticket prices were 170 CZK in advance and 200 CZK on the door (cca 6.60 – 7.80 EUR) with student/child discount of 150 CZK in advance and 170 CZK on the door (cca 5.80 - 6.60 EUR). We reserve the right to introduce special ticket prices and offers to boost overall sales – specific details to be included in the final contract issued in December.

Please take careful consideration of the finances before applying. 


Other useful information

·      Accommodation - Prague Fringe Festival does not provide accommodation for incoming companies. We do however cooperate with a number of hotel partners to offer a range of quality accommodation with Fringe discounts. More information to follow with your contract in November.

·      Transport to Prague - Prague Fringe does not cover the cost of any travel expenses to the festival. We recommend www.skyscanner.net as a way of finding the cheapest airlines flying to Prague from your destination.

·      Other costs -The general cost of living is still cheaper in the Czech Republic than in other EU countries. For example, 0.5 litre of beer or cup of coffee: 50 – 70 CZK (1.95 – 2.70 EUR). Main course in an average priced restaurant 175 CZK (6.80 EUR).  Further information available here: www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living

·      Prague Online - Prague www.prague.tv and www.praguevisitor.eu and the popular YouTube series ‘Honest Guide to Prague’ are good sources of local information in English. 

How the festival works: Technical and production information

Technical time and Rehearsals

Most venues open up to six shows in two days of rehearsals; this means preparation time is very restricted. We advise that this only allows time for technical preparation and maybe the one run-through, we strongly recommend that you have at least previewed your show before arriving in Prague.

We generally allocate: 4 hours of technical/rehearsal time to theatrical productions; 1 or 2 hours to soundcheck musicians; 15 – 30 minutes for stand-up comics. If you are a musician or comic with a theatrical show please let us know and we will arrange longer. Companies that arrive in Prague earlier often have better preparation time. We can sometimes find extra rehearsal time, however we will have to charge you for theatre rent and staff.

Lighting and Sound

Type A Venues:
Prague Fringe Festival will rig and focus a basic warm and cold lighting general cover which is shared with all companies; this CANNOT be refocused. We also rig at least one profile (leko) at the rear of the venue that CAN be refocused and coloured by each company. If you require additional lighting we can hire in extra equipment at your expense.            

Past experience has shown that allowing companies to share specials is not practical. If you wish to bring your own equipment please inform us in advance.

All Type A venues have a basic sound system suitable for the venue.

Type B Venues:
Have limited or no sound and lighting equipment, and no technical support. Please see individual venues packs for specific technical information.



The Czech Republic uses 220v. Plugs are North European 2 pins plus earth (Schuko CEE7/5). It is generally easier to purchase adaptors outside the CR than within.

Please note North American equipment will need either a transformer (difficult to obtain and expensive to hire in the CR) or orninbe multi voltage – most laptops and data projectors have this facility but please check. 


Most venues have limited storage for sets so it is important to let us know your set storage size.

You should be able to set up your show each day within 15 minutes and strike it within 10 minutes. If you need longer please let us know in advance.

At the end of the festival you will need to remove your set on the final night, if this is not possible we will need to make arrangements in advance. You cannot ‘abandon’ anything in Prague but either need to remove it or arrange disposal.

Fringe Technicians

Type A Venues:
Fringe Technicians will help you prepare during your initial fit up and technical rehearsals, including programming the lighting board. During the festival they will co-ordinate, and help with, changes between shows. They also work alongside the Festival Assistants (who run the front of house and box office operations) to ensure that the audience is let in and that shows start on time.

Fringe Technicians can also operate your shows, however you will be charged a fee (200 CZK cca 7.80 EUR) per performance for this (deducted from your final ticket settlement).

For safety reasons, we require that there is a person at the control position at all times during the show, therefore if you do not provide an operator we will supply, and charge you per performance for, an operator, even if there are no cues.

Type B Venues:

No Fringe technician is required or provided in Type B venues. A production assistant will be available to assist you during rehearsal and get-in but will not be available during performances. 

Do I need to bring a Technician?

See above. Fringe Technicians can operate sound and lighting, however PFF will charge you a fee for this per show.

If you have a complex show it may be better to bring your own operator, please remember the Fringe Technician will only have a short time to learn your show.

Sourcing Items in Prague

PFF does not have the staffing to find props or set for you in Prague, however we may be able to advise you where to start looking. Most of the venues have basic items such as chairs and tables, but only a limited stock. Please let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to help. Czech theatres do not carry such items such as stage braces, stage weights, masking flats, etc. Also, most theatres do not carry a wide range of tools. 

Technical  Questionnaire

Part of the application form is a technical questionnaire. We appreciate that your show and technical requirements may change between now and the festival but this form gives us a chance to assess if your performance is suitable for the festival and where best to place the show. About a month before the festival we will ask you to refill the form with any updates. You will be given the opportunity to attach any photos, drawings and ground plans that you feel appropriate.

Individual venue packs

A basic description of each of our nine venues can be found online and more detailed venue information packs (containing floor plans and additional photos) are available to download as PDFs via the links below. 

Type A Venues - Mid-sized, theatre spaces with standard lighting and sound equipment and technician provided/required. 

Go to: Malostranská beseda – Main Stage summary (or download detailed PDF here)

Go to: A Studio Rubín summary (or download detailed PDF here)

Go to: Divadlo Kampa summary (or download detailed PDF here)

Go to: Divadlo Inspirace summary (or download detailed PDF here)

Go to: Museum of Alchemists summary (or download detailed PDF here)


Type B Venues - Smaller, less-traditional, flexible spaces with little or no technical equipment and no technician.

Go to: Café Club Míšeňská summary (or download detailed PDF here)

Go to: Malostranská beseda – Inner Foyer summary (or download detailed PDF here)

Go to: Golden Key summary (or download detailed PDF here)



Online application form


You can also find general information for participating companies (FAQs and handy tips for marketing your show) which might help you decide whether or not you want to apply on our Artist Toolbox page 

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